'Tell me How to Make a Difference'
'Inis Dom Conas Difrĺocht a Dhéanamh'

Hello Forest Friends

Welcome back to the Tree Day website for 2016. We've been working really hard in the forest all summer in preparation for Tree Day, which takes place on 6th October.

Our theme this year is Tell me How to Make a Difference or Inis Dom Conas Difrĺocht a Dhéanamh. This year's campaign is all about understanding the really important role humans play in helping the environment. It's also about knowing that every small thing we do, good or bad, can have an effect.

There are lots of words like sustainability, renewability and recyclability that we hear adults use when they're talking about the environment. On this website we hope you'll find explanations of these words that make them a little easier to understand. You'll also find lots more on the back of your Avonmore school milk cartons.

Did you know that trees are really good environmentalists? That means they do lots of amazing things naturally that help the world around them. We hope that this year's Tree Day campaign inspires you to act a little bit like a tree and to do what you can to help protect the world we live in, so that boys and girls in the future can enjoy it too!

There are so many things that trees can teach us, so this Tree Day why not get outside and enjoy the trees in your garden, school grounds, local park or throughout the countryside. You can even take the forest pledge to be a lifelong friend of the environment and get a beautiful FREE Rowan tree to plant in your school grounds here.

Don't forget, you can also find the answers to the environment questions on the back of your Avonmore school milk cartons below.

So come on, let's all make a difference together!

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