'Tell me How to Make a Difference'
'Inis Dom Conas Difrĺocht a Dhéanamh'
Tell me How to Make a Difference or
Inis Dom Conas Difrĺocht a Dhéanamh.
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How do we turn trees into paper?

The wood in trees is mostly made up of fibre. Paper is made by processing the wood and its fibre. In the paper factory, the bark from the tree is peeled off from the trunk and then the wood is chopped into very small pieces. These wood pieces are boiled until they turn into a slushy pulp.

This pulp is then poured onto a wire mesh, where a lot of water from it drains out. The thick pulp that's left over on the wire is then squeezed between felt-covered press rollers to absorb extra water. After that, the pressed pulp passes through hot rollers many times until it is completely dry. This is how paper is made!

What are renewable resources?

A renewable resource is a resource which is replaced naturally, by nature, and can be used again. Examples of renewable resources are oxygen, fresh water, solar energy, timber and biomass. Renewable resources may also include things we buy and use every day like wood, paper and leather.

By using responsibly managed, renewable resources we can care for the planet's resources, as they can be re generated over and over again.

What can trees teach us about the environment?

Trees are the lungs of the planet and are great environmentalists. They take our waste product (carbon dioxide) and they turn it into the oxygen that we breathe. They are very good at removing toxins (poisonous stuff) from the environment and can soak up water to help prevent flooding.

They also provide shelter and homes for insects and their leaves can break down into nutrients in the soil, helping new things to grow all over again.

You can get a FREE tree for your school and take the forest pledge to be a lifelong friend of the environment here.

What is sustainability and why is it important?

If something is sustainable, it means that we could keep using or doing it forever.
The earth is our home, so we need to take good care of it.

Living sustainably means that we can live healthy and safe lives without damaging the earth, so that all the children of the future can enjoy it too!
Be responsible. Live sustainably!

Why is it so important to recycle?

Recycling means using things that have already been used to make new things. There are lots of reasons why it's important to recycle, here's just a few:

  • Recycling saves raw materials. Raw materials are the basic things that products or materials are made from. Making new products out of recycled materials means that we don't need to use so many of the earth's precious resources.
  • Recycling reduces landfill. A landfill is a place where we bury rubbish in the ground. Packaging is one of the easiest things to recycle and there should never be a need to send it to landfill. So just pop your used packaging, including your Avonmore School Milk carton, in the 'green' or recycling bin.
  • Recycling saves money. Putting your used packaging in the 'green' or recycling bin is cheaper than putting it in the black bin.
Recycle! It just makes sense!

What is climate change and how can trees help prevent it?

Climate change is a term that is used to describe the heating or cooling of the planet's average temperatures over a period of time.

Climate change can occur naturally and it can be influenced by human activity.
Human activity which can affect climate change includes driving cars and making products in our factories. This is because cars and factories can release Greenhouse Gases such as carbon dioxide.

Greenhouse gasses act like a blanket around the earth and trap heat from the sun. This 'blanket' can get too thick if too many greenhouse gasses are added causing the earth to become warmer. This can knock out the balance of the earth's weather patterns and cause dry areas to become even drier and wet areas to become wetter! We have seen the weather change in lots of places all over the world in recent years and scientists believe that this is largely caused by human activity affecting climate change.

What everyday things are made from trees?

The Tetra Pak carton your school milk comes in is mainly made from trees. The trees that are used to make the cartons come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources!

Other everyday things that are made from trees are writing paper, envelopes, paper bags, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and even toilet roll! Some musical instruments are made from the wood from trees like the piano and the violin and don't forget some of the furniture around your home like chairs, book shelves, floor boards and even the toilet seat can be made from wood.

Take a look around. What can you see that has been made from trees?

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