Tell me How to Be Planet Positive
Click on the milk carton to find the answers. 

Power off at home!

Unplug games consoles, mobile phone chargers, tablets and computers.
It's good for you and the environment.

Never Litter!

It harms people, animals and the environment.
Dispose of your rubbish in a public bin or bring it home to be recycled.

Be Water Wise!

Turn it off while brushing your teeth and take shorter showers.
Water plants using recycled water from cooking pasta and vegetables.

Try greener travel!

Walk, cycle, skate, scoot or take a bus to school. It's healthy and fun and it saves you sitting in traffic.
Remember, stay safe!


Recycle and do it properly.
Like when this carton is empty, pop the straw inside, flatten it and put it in the recycling bin.

Plant a tree!

Trees help reduce the risk of climate change. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
They also provide shelter and food for birds, animals and insects.

Sustainable choices!

When shopping, choose products and packaging that are recyclable and come from renewable resources like trees.  Copyright © 2019. Tree Council of Ireland
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