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'Our Planet, Our Choice'
'Ár bPláinéid, Ár Rogha'


The forest pledge is a special promise to always do your best to be a lifelong friend of the environment. Take the pledge by clicking on the buttons below, then get a FREE native Oak tree for your school. (But hurry, there's one FREE tree available per school while stocks last!)
People who have taken the pledge: 001538
Get a native Tree for your School

The Tree Council of Ireland along with Tetra Pak are giving away 1,000 native Oak Tree saplings for Tetra Pak Tree Day 2017. If you think an Oak Tree might be too big for your school grounds, you can request and Alder tree instead.
(One tree per school while stocks last!).

Latin name: (Quercus robur).

Check out video on how to plant a sapling tree by Paddy Madden.
Thank you for taking the forest pledge to be a lifelong friend of the environment. If you would like to claim a free Oak tree sapling to plant on your school grounds, please email with the following information:

Your class name
School name
School address

Trees will be posted to the school within 30 days. One tree per school. Offer ends 26th September 2017.
Offer available only while stocks last.
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